The Future of Mobile: AppInstitute launches Progressive Web Apps

PWA Launch

AppInstitute, the simple, code-less app building solution for small businesses, announces the launch of their new product release enabling customers to create Progressive Web Apps, a future-proof app solution that works across all mobile and tablet devices without the friction of the App Store. The launch comes after 12 months of development work and coincides with the recent changes in Apple’s App Store guidelines, specifically rule 4.2.6 which states that “Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected.

AppInstitute is a drag-and-drop app builder platform, allowing even the least technical business owner to create, launch and manage their own mobile app and connect with their customers. More than just an app builder platform that offers powerful features such as loyalty, m-commerce and secure chat messaging, AppInstitute also offers innovative mobile marketing tools such as geo-location push messaging and user targeting. The launch of PWAs as a distribution platform is the result of the anticipated evolution of the way mobile was headed.

“We had already recognised the huge potential of PWAs and the huge business benefits they offered to SMEs looking to maximise their mobile reach with customers regardless of their mobile device or operating system.” says Ian Naylor, CEO and Founder of AppInstitute. “One of the main advantages that PWAs offer app developers and businesses is that it removes the restrictions bound by the App Store and its guidelines, something that has always been a hurdle for many developers.”

PWAs combine the functionality of native apps with the latest in browser technology to provide the best in user experience with the instant reach of the web, removing the friction caused by the App Store, for both business and customer. Because PWAs live on the web, there’s no need to wait for the App Store to approve your app, or go through the resubmission process every time we launch a new software update, it’s instant. From a user perspective, PWAs offer a slick native app-like experience without the hassle of downloading the app from the App Store first.

Widely considered by industry experts to be the future of the mobile platform, PWAs offer the best of both worlds alternative to mobile websites and native apps. Studies from Google, who have long supported the growing use of PWAs since 2015, show that PWAs offer huge technical benefits over native apps too, such as up to being 15X faster to load, requiring up to 25X less device storage space, with some PWAs even showing to increase mobile conversions by 52%.

“It’s exciting to be at the forefront of this new technology” comments Naylor. “Changes comes with any industry, and especially within the tech sector. Whether they are shifting markets or emerging technologies, it is simply an evolution. We’re a technologically forward thinking company and always seek to innovate, think outside of the box and be agile in terms of how we find new opportunities and the best solutions for our customers and businesses.”

About AppInstitute

Founded in 2011, AppInstitute is a 20 person, young, innovative, SaaS business based out of Nottingham. Currently boasting over 140,000 customers from all over the globe who use their Business Apps CMS Platform, AppInstitute is at the forefront of the smartphone app platform industry.

AppInstitute is at the forefront of the smartphone app platform industry with partners and customers including Santander, PayPal, John Lewis, L’oreal and Nissan.

AppInstitute allows businesses to create and manage their own native iOS and Android apps without any coding or technical skill while reducing the cost of entering the app market from tens of thousands to a low monthly subscription.


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