AppInstitute to provide Masterclass for Santander Breakthrough Members

santander press release
AppInstitute is delighted to announce a new collaboration with the Santander UK Breakthrough programme to help support small businesses leverage the power of mobile marketing.

AppInstitute provides a simple way for small businesses to create, publish and manage their own iPhone and Android app using their DIY app builder platform, making entering the app market easy for even the least tech-savvy small business owner.

“We solve a significant and growing problem by removing both the technical and financial barriers of entry for SMEs into the mobile app market” said AppInstitute CEO and Founder, Ian Naylor. “AppInstitute enables even the smallest of businesses to leverage the power of mobile marketing to improve their business’s growth and efficiency by driving transactions, encouraging loyalty and streamlining communications through your customer’s preferred device, the smartphone.”

The new collaboration will provide Santander’s Breakthrough businesses valuable insight and strategies on essential digital marketing trends.

Santander’s Breakthrough programme aims to help small businesses unlock their potential by providing access to Masterclasses with renowned business leaders such as Jaguar Land Rover, McLaren, Saatchi Masius and Transport for London, to learn first-hand how to boost business growth.

AppInstitute is hosting their first Breakthrough event on 18 May and will be inviting SME owners to their Nottingham office for the opportunity to develop their digital strategy and get hands on experience building their own mobile app. To help support these businesses, AppInstitute will also be giving away 1-year free hosting for all attendees of the first masterclass.

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